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Our Safety Process

At SitterNextDoor, we view safety and security as the ultimate priority. All Babysitters are vetted with Letters Of Recommendation and we review and approve all user profiles.

Why Choose Us


Trustworthy and Safe

All users in our system are vetted through an application process. We ask that Babysitters provide letters of recommendation, and Parents provide ID (and background checks, if available).


We take short notice job postings from parents who need a babysitter asap and we will match a babysitter up to that request in the short time frame. Babysitters may be notified through email or text message notifications, if they choose.

On-Demand and Convenient

Parents: Post a job and wait for SitterNextDoor to match you with the best possible babysitter.

Close Proximity Matching

We match based on location: our goal is to match Parents with Babysitters who live within the same neighbourhood to ensure trust and safety.
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