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Why Choose Us


Trustworthy and Safe

All users in our system are vetted through an application process. We ask that Babysitters provide letters of recommendation, and Parents provide ID (and background checks, if available).


We take short notice job postings from parents who need a babysitter asap and we will match a babysitter up to that request in the short time frame. Babysitters may be notified through email or text message notifications, if they choose.

On-Demand and Convenient

Parents: Post a job and wait for SitterNextDoor to match you with the best possible babysitter.

Close Proximity Matching

We match based on location: our goal is to match Parents with Babysitters who live within the same neighbourhood to ensure trust and safety.

Some FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is this safe? What safety precautions are implemented in this process?

SitterNextDoor is designed to be a safe and trustworthy service. We review every potential babysitter and parent before adding them into the platform. We take letters of recommendation and a resume if you are a babysitter. For the parent, we take government issued id and credit card information.

Where is SitterNextDoor operating?

Currently, we are running in the Ottawa area. If you are not in Ottawa, do not fret! We are hoping to expand in the near future, and we will contact you when we expand to your area!

Is there a SitterNextDoor app?

SitterNextDoor is currently working on designing a mobile application and hopes to deliver it into the marketplace soon! In the meantime our website is mobile friendly.

I need a babysitter for a certain timeframe, how do you post a job?

Once you are registered in our system, you are able to post a job! There is a bookings button in the toolbar on the top of the screen where you can fill out information about the job such as the date, the timeframe and special requests for the babysitter. Once finished, press the submit button and babysitters we are available to match you with the perfect sitter!

What kinds of babysitters do you have on this platform?

We have a variety of sitters on our platform. However, the majority of the sitters registered are youth. We believe that youth sitters are a good for the babysitting community as they are able to gain work experience and are able to relate, play and even help your child with homework!

I need a babysitter ASAP, are there any fees that I have to pay?

At this time, there are NO extra emergency fees over and above the regular fees for a last-minute booking.

How does the payment system work?

Our payment system is through Paypal, a simple and efficient way to pay your babysitter! Once the job is completed, email us at contact@yoursitternextdoor.com for any time changes, and we will charge you from your credit card. The transaction fee is already embedded in the babysitter’s hourly pay.

How do I become a babysitter?

To become a babysitter simply register for a profile on our platform. You will be prompted to fill out general information about yourself , the option to input any qualification or experience you have and submit letter of recommendation and a resume. Upon submitting, your application will be reviewed and you will be notified of your status within 3 days.

How do I get babysitting jobs?

In our current beta version, once there is a job booking available, we, SitterNextDoor, will manually pair a babysitter to a parent. We will send you an email where you can accept or deny the booking.

In the future, you can get babysitting jobs one of two ways. As a babysitter, you have access to a list of job postings near you and you may choose to apply for them by clicking on the “request” button that appears with the details of the job. Another way in which you can get jobs is by having parents request you as a babysitter based on your qualifications and experiences when they view through a list of babysitting profiles.

What responsibilities do I have as a babysitter?

You will have the responsibilities of a SitterNextDoor sitter. This includes ensuring the safety of the child, and complete any special requests that the parent has requested. Do not worry, if your application is approved, we think that you are well suited to be a sitter in the SitterNextDoor platform!

How can I get more jobs on the platform/be more credible?

Background check, more training, more jobs you do the more well known you will be, make sure you do a good job because your reviews and ratings matter.

How do I get paid?

The payment processing will be handled through PayPal. After the job, your pay will be directly transferred into a specified PayPal account. If you are too young to have a PayPal account we recommend you use your parents’.

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